Houston Dating and Hookup

Now you have to have a friend to introduce you to someone instead of going out there and saying, putting yourself out there and just -- you know, you're willing to take the chance now. Do you even wonder when you need something and you don't have a social connection. If I meet someone and we don't have at least a few mutual friends, I think, wait a minute, like what if he's a killer an i don't know. There's got to be someone who can vouch for him. How important is a social network in terms of vetting the person you're meeting? In the social media world, you can always see who's connected and that makes it really easy. It's like a character reference, right? Then you can do your own super sleuth research. In my 20s before the internet, you didn't have that. So I think random dating would have been much more difficult. Yeah. Well, Ted Bundy was also around in the '80s.

What are some signs that you're just flat-out dating wrong? I would say if you're burnt out. If suck write your own book on your dating scene but you still haven't gotten to the end goal – that's a good book, wait a minute. You find your mom and your friends are more excited for the date than you are. You don't really care what you're going to look like. And what you're going to wear to the date. or maybe you'd rather take the yoga class than the bar. Yes, that's me. Some people are so ready to settle down, they're almost too eager and they'll sit down with -- settle down with anyone and they don't keep their standards. One of the signs you're dating wrong is you're not dressing up for dates or being too eager to hop into a relationship. Yeah. You're 0 a date. You want to present yourself well. You want to represent well and keep you heart and mind at the same place. have any of you guys ever gone through the dating burnout? So you have to take a step back and when you feel ready, that's when you go after it. Can offer a really great analogy. When you go to the fragrance counter, if you don't sniff the espresso bean between each scent, you sort of get confused. Like it's too much at once. It's a really good analogy. So I've taken a couple – dating in Houston hiatuses and once your palette is -- palate is cleared, then you can move on. After taking a break, for our singles who have been so far unsuccessful, what kind of tips do you have to offer to get people back on track? Plan ahead.

We did a singles survey nationwide with it's just lunch and we found Wednesday is the most popular night to go on a date. Keeps it casual, lighthearted. Breaks up your workweek. Plan ahead. Give compliments, men and women. Tell them that they look nice, they have great eyes or a smile. It goes a really long way. And this third one is critical. It is. Put your phones away. You want to be engaged with the fern that you're -- the person that you're with. You don't want to feel like they're not important because you have something else on the site. Everybody notices that side phone. Just so you know. And the most – what about -- when you have to have, wait, my emergency – no. Get out of the date fast phone call. I mean, no. I also don't want them to feel restricted. I know i don't personally like to feel restricted. So if perhaps that make them feel comfortable to be on their phone, so be it. But that's the way that i feel. But the most important thing is to listen. It's really easy to talk about yourself on a first date. So ask them questions back. Make sure the conversation is flowing. But it also helps to plan a second date. If you both like comedy, life music -- live music, find your interest. Figure out how to build that chemistry and for your second date you can plan around that.

Get out of your comfort zone. But a lot of people are going to Midtown and Downtown and the heights. They're keeping their social lives a little more open than what's usually restricted in your own neighborhood.